Concept of the UAE National Sports Day

This is a sports day of a national nature, involving aerobics as well as sports, recreational, promotional, communal, educational and competitive activities, which epitomize the cohesion of community segments and reflect the intimacy, harmony and positive interaction among multi cultures living peacefully and happily in the UAE.

Participating Sectors

Participating community segments

Event Timings

About The Event

Suggested activities and programs

  • Recreational games
  • Popular games
  • Promotional games
  • Competitive games
  • Quality games
  • Educational and awareness programs related to health, sport, environment and national identity
  • Folkloric and cultural heritage of kinetic nature
  • Festivals oriented to families, children, youth and elderly people.
  • Any other programs or projects reflecting the concept of the National Sports Day

Locations & Venues

All Over UAE

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Event Schedule

Sport events scheduled by organizers in the UAE

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Sports day

Sports day

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